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EIMS, a school management system is developed on PHP platform. Our prime motive is to serve for the efficient and systematic functioning of schools and also thereby ensure better future for the students. Communication with potential clients helped us in developing our product so as to ease up the efforts in school administration. High reliability and cost efficiency will surely be a great reason for esteemed clients to choose out our school management system. Our professional team is always glad to work ahead as per the added requirements of clients and this helped us to make our product better suit to the needs of the educational administration system.

Our Application Features

students module

Students Module

The Students Module provide end to end solution for automating all processes related to a student. Starting from admission till graduation, it manages every student's record in an efficient way.

billing module

Billing Module

This module has made complex and tedioud work of fee management simple and easy. It provides a complete solutuion for fee management. This module not only makes the life of an accountant easy but also provides greater visibility.

exam module

Exam Module

Examination module helps in automating manual examination system. With our system, the complicated grading processes are automated and the grading report will be automatically generated for each student hassle free and transparent to the teachers and the school administrators.

students time table

Timetable Module

Time table module helps in defining, planning and creating time table for teachers and students. Student's time table is also visible to their parents from parents module whereas teachers time table is available to them from their logins.

HR management

HR Module

This module manages employees' information by managing their profiles, work experience, academic records, daily attendance, leaves, holidays, transfer details etc. Similar to Students modules, HR also has a 'Navigator' .

pay roll

Payroll Module

Payroll module is helpful in automating salaries of employees. It can generate salaries as well as manage loans, advance bonuses, deductions and taxes. Moreover it also maintains complete history of employee's salary as well as generates variety of reports.

report generating


This module generates many reports that help analyzing data. Reports are normally generated in MS Excel. Reports module is unique in a way that it provides a feature of generating user-defined reports. Moreover reports related to students attendance, fee and exams can also be generated from this module.

Integerated SMS

Integerated SMS

Communicate with students, parents, and employees on a more personal level by sending SMS text messages right to their mobile phones frm EIMS. However, our system gives facility to create templates of frequently used SMS so to avoid retyping again.


Parents Portal

This portal is envisioned for letting the chance for responsible parents to know about the performance and progress of their child in both academic and extracurricular activities. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.

students section

Students Portal

Our student module is designed with giving prior preference to the core needs of students. They can securely access this portal with their unique log in password to stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations. They can also get notified with exam schedules, disciplinary warnings, fee payment details.

employees section

Teachers Portal

We realized the need for a specialized access portal for the teachers as they are an integral part in the education system. The EIMS teacher module features the submission of class attendances and progress reports of students. Teachers are provided with passwords to access this portal so as to ensure security.

mobile application

Parents Mobile App

We are working on the Parents Mobile App to allow the parents to know about the performance and progress of their child in both academic and extracurricular activities from their mobile. They can keep following students attendance lists, fee payment details, class schedules, progress reports and all other day-to-day happenings in the school.


Cloud Based

EIMS is a cloud-based school management system that securely and reliably maintains operational data for schools.


Web Based

EIMS is a web-based application which allow to access it from anywhere and anytime from any device.

powerful feature

Powerful Features

EIMS has more than 60 power full features and 37 reports which help to manage the school effectively.

multiple branches

Multiple Branches

EIMS is simple and easy both for single and multiple branches. EIMS has made multiple branch management extremely simple.

advance management

Adv. Management

It's management features help in taking rotutine DB backups, create and manage users and managing email templates.

multiple themes

Multiple Themes

EIMS supports three themes in diffrent colors. The colors are red, blue and black. This has made EIMS attractive for users.


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